Here's an update of how Jason is doing for all of you friends and everyone who supported him and prayed for him.   Jason had his third surgery last Saturday, March 10th.  He was still suffering excruciating pain in his arm so they couldn't release him because of the pain medication he was on. He has been feeling quite a bit better in the last day or two so they are planning to release him tomorrow if everything goes well. He will probably be taken to Ohio with mom and dad while he recovers. We are praying that his pain will ease and lessen every day.  

 A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who donated, we appreciate it so much every bit helps. It will be a big relief to Jason not to have to handle the bills all on is own, especially since there will be bills from 3 hospitals as he was in Salem Indiana hospital the first evening, Louisville KY for the past 2 weeks and if he goes to Ohio there will be medical expenses up there too.   Prayers are also much appreciated as he still needs a lot of recovery on his arm.  Be blessed, and we will keep you updated.

Jason on the Today Show

Tornadoes have been tearing a destructive path through various states, including
Indiana, which was the home of Jason Miller.
(THIS VIDEO will share more on what's going on with these tornadoes, and
what they've been doing.)

Jason was caught in the path of a sudden tornado which took the lives of
5 others who were with him at the time.
You can watch his story below, as documented in an interview on The Today Show.

 Another video of Jason's story published by WDRB News

 In the course of events, Jason is feeling very fortunate to be alive and to have survived such an incredible experience, but he has no insurance and has accumulated quite a lot of hospital bills, so we have set up a support page here where those who want to help, can write encouragement, and donate funds to help him recover and get back on his feet.

  Ultimately, we want to give Jason the same thing we would all be very thankful for if we were unfortunate enough to be in his place, and that is the opportunity to get back on his feet like he deserves.

Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement!

Contact or Support Jason

To contact someone for more information, or an update,
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 To support Jason and help him get back on his feet financially,  
gifts can be sent to the address below or by using the Donate Button. 

Jason's Address:
Jason Miller
2837 Silver Creek Dr
New Albany, IN 47150



                 Jason getting some fresh air outside the hospital with his mom for the first time!

                                            Jason standing up after his third surgery.

                                     An awesome guy who came all the way from CA to pray for
                                      Jason. After he prayed all the excruciating pain from his ribs
                                                          back left completely!

                                                             After the second surgery 

Jason with his angry bird waiting to get into surgery=)

  His truck after the storm

What was left of the house Jason was in..